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I like to read classics, historical fiction and world lit. Oh and I love short stories.

Passages: 22 Modern Indian Stories

Passages: 24 Modern Indian Stories - Barbara H. Solomon, Eileen Panetta

A wonderful collection of a wide variety of stories. As the editors of this collection say in their introduction, they set out to give a taste of the diversity of India and the richness of its literary culture. I say: mission accomplished. The collection includes authors well-known to a non-Indian audience, such as Salmon Rusdie and Jhumpa Lahiri, as well as lesser known (but just as talented) authors. The stories show a variety of "Indian" experiences: they cover several different social classes, and give a taste of the diversity of cultures, religions and casts that are present in modern day India, as well as the experiences of immigrants and emigrants.

Two stories I liked best:
"The Assignment" by Saadat Hasan Manto (it haunts you long after you've finished reading this short masterpiece)
"A horse and two goats" by R. K. Narayan (humorous and touching)