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I like to read classics, historical fiction and world lit. Oh and I love short stories.

La Demeure Médiévale à Paris

La Demeure Médiévale à Paris - Étienne Hamon, Valentine Weiss, Sabine Berger, Monique Blanc, François Blary, Marion Boudon-Machuel, Violaine Bresson, Catherine Brut, Sandrine Bula, Robert Carvais, Jean-Luc Chassel, Grégory Chaumet, Carmen Decu Teodorescu, Jean-Denis Clabaut, Élaine Deronne-Carouge, R

I've seen the exhibition and I'm very excited by this book. It has some wonderful articles by experts on medieval Paris about the city in that time, the traces that can be found in the archives and the city as well as a chapter on the "nachleben" of medieval Paris. The book also includes a list of remaining medieval buildings in Paris (handy for plotting my long-overdue medieval Paris tour!)

Can't wait to dig in!