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Guide de Paris au Moyen Âge

Guide de Paris au Moyen Âge - Evelyn Mullally

A wonderful and original view on medieval Paris.
Mullally shows how medieval miniature painters depicted Paris. Famous landmarks, such as the Notre Dame, Cemetière des Innocents, les Halles, la palais de la Cité, come to life in their medieval context. If there's a medieval picture of it, the landmark is included. The author gives a page-long description of the manuscript as well as what can be seen on the picture - the people, the buildings, etc. There are also several fantastical depictions of "Paris" included: such as a depiction of the Destruction of Jerusalem (p. 98-99), which shows the Notre Dame in the skyline of the holy city.

This book is probably best read in context with another book on medieval Paris, such as "La Demeure Médiévale à Paris" if you're interested in the city and its buildings, or "Paris in the Middle Ages" by Simone Roux if you're interested in its inhabitants. (A far more extensive bibliography on medieval Paris can be found here: http://www.parismoyenage.fr/main.php). The reason for this, is that very little context is given and there is no overall story or explanation given.