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Granta, The Magazine of New Writing / 92: The View from Africa

Granta 92: The View from Africa - Granta: The Magazine of New Writing, Ian Jack I read Binyavanga Wainaina's essay "How to Write about Africa", included in this issue, online. He parodies the portrayal of "Africa" in fiction and the media in "the West". Funny, witty and undeniably true. The image given to us by the media is one of amazing nature and starving people, who sporadically go on a murder frenzy and kill eachother (if not dead from disease and starvation). Yet, there is more to this diverse continent, and this picture we have of it, might not apply to the entire continent.
In addition to this article, you might be interested in this TED talk by Chimamanda Adichie, which I came across when reading the comments on Wainaina's article. Adichie is such an impressive woman! I'll see if I can get my hands on one of her novels or her short story collection.