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I like to read classics, historical fiction and world lit. Oh and I love short stories.

the Elephant Vanishes (Murakami)

The Elephant Vanishes - Haruki Murakami, Alfred Birnbaum, Jay Rubin

Halfway into this short story collection I wasn't sure what to think of Marakumi's style. His characters are passive, and in most stories the things that happen to them seem to be told without any coherence. Having read all stories now, I feel they are a mixed bag. Some stories I absolutely loved (The Kangaroo Communiqué and The Silence being the top favorites). Others were definitely intriguing, though I'm not sure I like all of them.

It's probably the translations, but sometimes the language seems a bit clunky, while it is wonderfully polished in other parts. It's a pity I can't read the original language, because I feel that it might be due to the translations.